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Como colocar el ligamento

Posted by francisco agosto - 8 - 2011 0 Comment
The ligament should be inserted initially on the lower inter spinous process.The ligament holder makes it possible to insert the ligament through the inter spinous ligament


The ligament is inserted in the 2 side holes as described above.
Both sides of the implant can be used indifferently.
The free extremity of the ligament is introduced into the buckle, behind the sliding element.
The Wellex is inserted in the inter spinous space using the holder impactor.
The free extremity of the ligament is positioned between the two inter spinous processes.
As the two parts of the ligament are on the same side, the first step of the locking can be achieved.
The free extremity of the ligament is now reintroduced into the buckle.
To finalize the locking of the ligamen, simply pull it with the ligament holder.
The ligament should be at 1.5 cm of the belt.
Final Positionning